St Brigid's School


205 Prinsep Street
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School Fees

How much does it cost to send my child to St Brigid’s School? Learn more...

Annual fee structure for Pre Primary to Year 6 in 2017:

Annual Fees  
1st Child $988.00 Tuition Fee
2nd Child $790.40 Tuition Fee
3rd Child $592.80 Tuition Fee
4th Child $0.00 Tuition Fee
Amenities Amenities range from $137.00 - $265.00 depending on current year level. Year 1 - 6 Amenities Fee include levies, student insurance, textbooks.
Building Levy $197.00 per family.

Annual fee structure for Kindergarten in 2017

Annual Fee Kindergarten 2017 - 3 Full days $662.00
  Amenities $90
  Building Levy $197.00 - per family
  Building Levy Kindergarten $133.00 - If no other sibling

P&F Annual Fee

In 2016 the P&F levy will remain at $100 per family which is paid in Term 1. The increase is designed to encourage families to assist with school activities. Families have the opportunity to earn back most of their levy by helping with a wide variety of activities and each time a parent volunteers, they earn $10 back from their levy to a maximum of $80. Parents can volunteer with: book covering, attend P&F or Board meetings, sausage sizzles, reading in classrooms, canteen, uniform shop, handing out ribbons at athletics carnival, Kindy help, busy bees, school camps, etc. Each time a parent helps the details are recorded and parents will receive a credit amount of up to $80 on their school fees. The scheme has been very successful since 2014.

Discounts are available to holders of Pensioner Concession Cards and Health Care Cards, please enquire at the office.

Amenities for Yr 1 - Yr 6 also include text books, which were purchased by the school direct from suppliers.

St Brigid's School benefits from the Capital Development Plan which is run by the School Board. This Fund assists the School to up-grade teaching facilities. Loans have been taken out with the State Government to help fund ongoing building programmes.