St Brigid's School


205 Prinsep Street
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Our Community

Parents & Friends

Parents and Friends Association

Download a copy of the P&F President's Report 2016

Parent Involvement

Parents are invited to actively participate in their child's education at St. Brigid’s School Collie.

Assemblies, Liturgies, Performing Arts, Sports, Parent Interviews, Workshops and Information Evenings take place regularly across the year.

At St. Brigid’s parents can volunteer to be involved in the following areas of school life:

  1. The St Brigid’s School Board
  2. Parents & Friends Association
  3. Mothers and 3yr old playgroup
  4. Classroom Rosters
  5. Canteen Roster
  6. Excursion helper
  7. Sharing Special Talents

Parents and Friends Association

The Parent's & Friends Association work closely with the school to enhance the life of the school community.

Through regular educational, social and fundraising functions the Parent's and Friends Association bring parents together to support their child's school and to get to know each other.

Meetings are held on Thursday evenings in Week 2 and 8 of each Term in the Staff Room.